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We are your online source the Community of Otay Mesa, California.  Whether you live in, work in, or are visiting, Otay Mesa, we are your one-stop-source for local community and local business resources.  Otay Mesa is a vibrant and rapidly emerging residential/commercial Community within the City of San Diego, in Southern California.  East Otay Mesa is bounded by the U.S.-Mexican International Border and the community of Mesa De Otay, Baja California to the South.  On the United States side, Otay Mesa is surrounded by the municipality of San Ysidro to the South, the community of Otay Ranch and the Otay River Valley to the North, the District of South San Diego and the City of Imperial Beach to the West, and the Otay County Open Space Preserve to the East.
Situated near the Coast of Southern California the Community of Otay Mesa enjoys a nationally and internationally renowned moderate year-round climate. Otay Mesa’s location within South San Diego County also offers residents and visitors alike a proximity to a great blend of nature, suburban and urban destinations.  Beautiful beaches, mountains and deserts are just a short drive away as are excellent restaurants, entertainment and nightlife in a mixture of suburban and urban settings.
Otay Mesa is conveniently connected to Interstate Highway 5 and State Highway 805, from the West, by California State Route 905 and it is connected to Interstate Highway 8, from the North, by California State Route 125.
Because of its strategic Southwestern international border location Otay Mesa is home to several essential destinations.  It is home to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry which has separate sections that handle both Commuter and Commercial cross-border traffic as well as to the future Otay Mesa East Port of Entry which will be connected via future California State Highway 11. Otay Mesa is also home to Brown Field Municipal Airport.
Otay Mesa was originally annexed from San Diego County in 1957 along with other portions of South San Diego. The word Otay is derived from the Native American Kumeyaay language most probably meaning “big” or “big mountain” and Mesa is a Spanish word meaning “tableland” or “plateau”.
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